Intro Image

Attach an image as an introduction to the page.

The page intro plugin allows you to add an image, color or gradient as an introduction at the top of the page. The intro can display behind- or below the menu, at any height, and you can include page context items. In this example, we have set an image to display at 100% browser viewport height, with fixed scroll.

 * You can enable intro-plugin from page › plugins › page intro.


Source Set the source of the intro as either an image, gradient or solid color.

Show in Intro Choose to show title, description and content within the intro area.

Height Set the height of the intro area in px or %. If disabled, height will automatically adjust to size of image. You should always use a height for gradients, colors and repeating background patterns.

Fixed Creates a cool effect where the background image remains fixed when scrolling.

Overlay Menu When enabled, menu will overlay the intro, which is attached to top of page. When disabled, the intro is attached below the menu.